Mental Health Resources

The North American Division is having a special emphasis on mental health awarenss. As a part of the initiative,  we recommend that every person in church that week (members or visitors) receive a copy of a special issue of Vibrant Life magazine that complements that theme. What a great opportunity to provide members with health information they can use and to share with friends and visitors!

We can't do this without your help. Attached you’ll find information about how you can be a part of this exciting division-wide effort and share this special health information.

In addition, we will have the following for download for use during the Mental Health Sabbath: Check back for these resources and more. Until then, please share the promo video in your social media groups, church and with friends and family.

Additional Resources
**We thank the Michigan Conference for offering the brand new Lifestyle Matters Fit & free! scripted Power Point sermon, Engineered for Success at no cost to present on February 15, 2014 for the North American Division Mental Health Sabbath. This fully scripted message comes complete with PDF notes and a session handout. You may be also be interested in the full Fit & free! Track 1 series “Building a Better Brain.” Track 1 which includes additional information-packed health evangelism programs: Building a Better Brain; The Great Sugar Scandal; and Mind Set Matters. For more information and to order, call 866.624.5433.