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ARMin TRAINING: 12 Steps to Wholeness
Training Description

This program provides a training event for local church members to be able to conduct a 12 step-Christ centered support meetings for those struggling with addictive and compulsive behaviors in a church, community, hospital or school. This is the official North American Division distinctly Adventist Training Program for Facilitators to begin or continue Christ-centered Twelve Step Recovery groups. The program will help you to include any type of addictive behavior, not only alcohol or drugs. You do not need to have been a recovering addict to be a leader.‚Äč

The  next training will be at the NAD Health Summit, September 28 - October 2, 2016 at Camp Hope, BC, Canada.  Go to the Health Summit website for more information. 

October 10, 2016 - World Mental Health Day


What is Mental Health?



Every year - on October 10th - we join together in shining the spotlight on a particular aspect of mental ill health.
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Breathe-Free 2 - Part 2 -  Stop Smoking Program
The part 2 webinar will be coming up this Fall. Tune in for more information by signing up for our newsletter.

On this webinar you will learn: 
-What are the changes to the program 
-What are the new features and what content has remained 
-How can you have access to download all the free materials 
-How to run the program 
-How can you register your church as a Breathe-Free 2 site. 
-Much more… 

Get your questions answered so you can make the most effective use of this new resource!

For a recording of Part 1, click here.


January 13-17, 2016 - Orlando, Florida

This ARMin Training will take place during the Emotional Wellness Summit being held in Orlando, Florida.
Objectives and description of the training is listed above. For more information go to: www.EmotionalWellnessSummit.com

For additional information and to register for ARMin Training events, please click here.


HEALTH SABBATH 2014: Mental Health Focus
Please click here to access and download resources:

The Unhooked series launched April 7, 2013 - ongoing at Direct TV channel 368 or via stream online at www.hopetv.org.
View the trailer of the series Unhooked - a project developed by Adventist Recovery Ministries and Hope Channel. More info at www.HopeTv.org/unhooked
Download the trailer .
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The Health Sabbath on February 16, 2013 focused on Adventist Recovery Ministries. 
Please view and download the resources below for more information.
Driving Under the Influence: Sermons: Children's Story: Adventist Recovery Ministries Information: